Find your brave

I was reading an email from my child’s school, which used the expression ‘Find your brave’ to support positive mental health in children. It’s a fantastic idea – one that can also apply to mummies and daddies (or in this case me).

When my eldest was small, I found it really hard to admit that I had difficult days. As time went on, I shared more. And I realised that ‘those days’ happen to everyone. So next time we have a pushchair puncture, mini meltdown and poo accident all at the same time on the way home, I’m going to try and laugh about it.

NB: If you happen to live locally and see me crying on a pavement, surrounded by three children and the faint aroma of manure, please remind me I said that.

I’m also going to be brave and share the link to this blog on my Facebook. It’s still very much in its infancy, so if you’re expecting any useful parenting advice, you’re in the wrong place.

One thought on “Find your brave

  1. ‘What is the bravest thing you ever said?’
    ‘Help.’ said the horse’
    Charlie Mackesy. “The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse.”


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